How it Works

See how Vistadesk helps consultancies run their business more easily. Covering every aspect of running a consulting business, Vistadesk provides a complete system for managing your staff, clients, projects, and accounting. Advanced AI monitors your operations and alerts you to trends before they become challenges. And industry standard APIs connect seamlessly to all of your existing critical business applications.

Manage staff & hiring

Automate your onboarding process, track staff costs and time off, W2/I9 documentation and more. Vistadesk includes a complete HRMS to manage your employees and contractors, from offer letters to payroll.

Assign Resources to Projects

At a glance, view your staff capacity and time allocation. Assign staff to clients and projects using a simple and intuitive capacity plan. See instantly who is available and when, run staffing forecasts and generate accurate cash flow projections.

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Log Time & Expenses

Web and mobile timesheets let staff quickly and simply log their time and expenses. Tight integration with Jira allows staff to automatically import time directly, including detailed work logs and accurate durations. Optionally, configure your workflow for supervisor approvals.

Send Invoices

Automatically generate invoices from approved timesheets, and send them via email to your clients. Accept payments both offline and online with the click of a button. Vistadesk supports all billing methods, including retainers.

Pay Staff

Run payroll for employees and accounts payable for contractors and vendors, all from one system. Eliminate manual reports and reconciliation. Vistadesk ensures that hours paid equal hours billed.

Automate Accounting

Take the guesswork out of your accounting and forecasting. Get instant views of revenue, expenses, and profit. Run current and projected cash flows with the click of a button. Track budget vs. spend and get targeted suggestions to improve profitability. All in a simple, integrated solution.

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